RefrigeratedAir Conversion Install

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What’s Included

wifi-thermostats to connect your smart phone to your comfort, air conditioning and heating installers with 30+ years experience and quality that is present on every job we do.

When you hire us to do your refrigerated air conversion you go from that swamp cooler you have to mess with every summer to total comfort! You not only get comfort you get to take that rust bucket off of your roof! Wouldn’t it be nice just to push a button rather then call someone to start that up every summer? Or worse, climb up on the roof and fiddle with that thing all summer yourself? No thanks! Call us today for a free estimate.

What to Expect

Your conversion will have a workmanship warranty two years longer then any other HVAC contractor. Owners Rick & Dave will be personally involved with your entire refrigerated air conversion.

Refrigerated air conversion Experts

When we started Custom-Air, Inc. we promised ourselves we would keep the air conditioning and heating part of the company small. The reason is simple…we wanted to make sure every job is done with the high quality installation practices we are known for.

Of all the things you need to do on your home, is anything more important then comfort? We do not think so. You need to call Custom-Air, Inc. to get your comfort solved! Swamp coolers do a great job on a dry day, but those days are gone. Refrigerated air is comfort at your fingertips. Push a button and heat is on, push the other and cooling is on. Be comfortable, call us!

Refrigerated or Swamp?

Swamp cooler motors use 110 volts of electricity, refrigerated air for your central air conditioning conversion will use 220 volts. The electric bill will go up. Very important and useful information for anyone making a decision to convert is the electric bill. Evaporative cooling is on if you are home, refrigerated central cooling will satisfy a thermostat and shut off for a time. The efficiency standards have evolved over the years and the federal government will not allow manufacturers to build models that do not offer high-efficiency, even the lowest “builder model” units must maintain at least 13 SEER. Many consumers fearful of high electric bills have put off the comfort of a nice central air conditioning and heating system long enough. As said above, the bill will go up, just not as much as the average consumer fears. You pay for comfort! You drive a nice car, you watch your cable tv, you dine out when you want…why would you want to avoid being comfortable in your own home for a few bucks more a month? Sure, the swamp cooler works some of the days of summer, but for the most part it does not do a very good job keeping you and your family comfortable.