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    This is Mechanical Contractor Custom-Air, Inc.
    Twenty years and thousands of happy customers!
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    Refrigerated Air Conversion Experts
    Our designs and installation techniques are requested by retired HVAC contractors.

Systems Knowledge

We meet folks all the time that have very good questions and we are happy to answer them. With that in mind we have gathered some of those questions and tried our best to answer. It is a work in progress and may include info you want.

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Home Performance

At Custom-Air, Inc. we have homes and energy bills we need to pay. We took those homes and experimented with the idea of Home Performance and how we could pass this along to our customers. If you've got a minute check this out...

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Duct Cleaning

When you are ready to have those ducts cleaned out why would you call a maid or carpet cleaner? Wouldn't someone who knows duct systems be a smarter choice? Anyone can stick a vacuum hose into a duct and turn it on. Call people who know.

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You are covered!

Custom-Air, Inc. always promises the longest workmanship warranty in the business.

Installation Based

Although we service all makes and models we focus most on your installation.

Duct in the slab?

We are the HVAC contractor for in slab duct problems, we have the solutions.

Detailed Installations

We can run Manual J and Manual D computer load calculations for your projects.

Albuquerque is home

We have serviced Belen, Los Lunas, Santa Fe, Grants, Rio Rancho, edgewood, Moriarty and beyond.

Lots of choices

We've been purchasing equipment from manufacturers for twenty years, we know whats best.

Happy customers

Since 1997 we have caused 1000's of happy customers.

We love this stuff

When you enjoy making folks comfortable it makes it easy to be the best.


We promised uncompromised customer service from the start and it continues 20 years later.

Awesome Manufacturer Partners


See the rest of our stuff!

We try to keep our site pages up to date with helpful information
an informed customer makes good, smart decisions.

Don't forget this is the only chance you will get to have a free WIFI stat. Call now!

With any refrigerated air conversion we are giving away a free WIFI thermostat with your installation.

Typical WIFI stat

Forgot to turn off the air while at work No problem, pull out your phone and have complete control. Turn it on when traveling, cool/warm when you get home.

Package Units

Package units are the choice of mechanical contractors, no closets full of units and heat/cool out of one box on the roof or ground.

Split Systems

Split systems consist of an air handler or furnace hooked to duct work in the house, garage, attic, etc. and an outdoor condensing unit.

Swamp Coolers

If you absolutly must have a swamp cooler, Aerocool is the way to go. Single inlet and plastic reservoir.

Tankless technology

Tankless hot water heaters have come along way. There are still plenty of questions to ask before purchasing one.

Ductless Splits

Ductless split systems can get upwards of 30 SEER, which is super efficient. They have many indoor options including a picture on a wall that is the air handler.

Plumbing Options

Custom-Air, Inc. has taken the same outstanding customer service in HVAC and extended it to Plumbing, ask us about it.

Testimonials and Partners

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Get in Touch

Drop us a few hints about your home and we can contact you back with a conversion price
won't be exact, but we can get in the ball park.

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  • Office: Custom-Air, Inc,
    3167 San Mateo #294, Albuquerque
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Belen: (505)864-7629
  • Albuquerque: (505)994-0103

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